We create value by bringing people together

We offer solutions for cohabitation,

household services and social activities

Sustainable matching
An increasing trend

Med ensamheten som ett växande samhällsproblem, en tuffare bostadsmarknad och en större medvetenhet om planetens begränsningar så finns en ökad efterfrågan på smarta och hållbara lösningar för samboenden och utförandet av tjänster.

BeLiving för ihop människor och bygger förutsättningar för samverkan.

A way to live & collaborate

Hur gynnar det?


BeLiving an easier and safer way to find your next accommodation match

Are you an older person with an extra space or are you a young adult who needs accommodation?

For the landlord
– An extra income
– Social contact in daily life
Opportunity to combine with services

For tenants
– Reasonable rents
– Flexible accommodation
– Social contact in daily life


Do you or a relative need relief in everyday life? See what we can offer at BeLiving

Service on Demand
For you as a senior who needs simple daily services such as cooking, shopping, etc. or just company.

For you with the ability to provide easy service for seniors to earn some extra income


We work to create a more sustainable society

We support seniors with increased well-being and reduce the pressure on the social welfare system.

We counter loneliness as a growing health problem.

We provide young adults with flexible and affordable housing in attractive areas.

Contact us for comments or partnerships. We are particularly interested in municipalities

How does it work?


Register your needs in a simple questionnaire


You first get a personal contact from us. Then sit back and let us work to find a suitable match

First meeting

Get in touch Get to know each other with support from our team to find out a good match and good conditions for both parts.

Interact together

Start your cohabitation / service experience.

Combine services and accommodation?


Olav Kronberg

Har ett rum att hyra ut

Har behov av enkla tjänster


Fredrik Wiberg

Behöver ett boende

Kan utföra enkla tjänster

Create BeLiving stories

During the past six months, Fredrik has rented a room from Olav for SEK 4,000 per month. Since Olav needs simple services, Fredrik helps him with, for example, shopping, cooking, company and walks with the dog for a total of 5 hours per week.

Which generates Fredrik about 2800 SEK, a welcome addition for Fredrik who studies and wants to keep his costs down.

Olav pays SEK 4,000 for the services with the RUT deduction, which means that the cost of the services is offset by the rental income.

Do you want to know more?

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